We are the dealer of Thai-Asia PE PIPE Co.,Ltd, (TAP brand) and S.R. PE GROUP Co.,Ltd (SR brand)

The first brand of Polyethene pipe or HDPE pipe using in Thailand (TAP brand) and we are also the dealer of S.R. PR GROUP CO.,LTD which is manufacture Polyethene pipe(PE pipe) and pipe equipment fitting for using with PE pipe.


Selling HDPE pipe, PVC pipe, PP-R, PB

Its main products include PE Pipes and Fittings, HDPE pipes and Fitting, PP Compression Pipe Fittings, Water Meter and other tools and so on. With wholesale factory price and delivery across the country.


Machinery Import Service

we are also an importer of small to large machines. For using with plastics and PE pipes, such as HDPE pipe welding machine, HDD, steel pipe press, Pipe jacking machine, PET Bottle Blowing machine, etc. It is our vision to continually introduce new and innovative products and engineering systems which will benefit the building and construction community through the most cost effective solutions.



Construction of HDPE Pipe, PVC Pipe, PP-R Pipe and Wire Grounding Installation System

We provide construction work in plumbing systems, metropolitan waterworks, Irrigation Department, Department of Water Resources and water supply systems in industrial estates. More over we also provide Wire Grounding Installation System with a professional team, experienced and responsible. the company gives the word and promise to all customers with the warranty work.