GS420-L/LS HDD Machine


1. Rotation adopts closed system, push-pull, clamping and walking adopt automatic variable system, load-sensitive control; compared with traditional hydraulic system, its hydraulic system: work efficiency is increased by more than 20%, system heat is reduced by about 50%, and equipment is energy-saving 20% or more;
2. Using Cummins special engine for construction machinery, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and strong power;
3. The main beam adopts a four-link amplitude-modulating beam structure, which greatly increases the range of the steering angle of incidence; at the same time, it ensures that the crawler of the drilling rig does not leave the ground during large-angle construction, which improves the stability and safety of the drilling rig;
4. Wire-controlled walking system to ensure the safety of the drilling rig during walking, transferring, and shipping;
5. It is suitable for φ83/φ76×3000mm drill pipe, and the machine body occupies a moderate area to meet the needs of efficient construction in a narrow site;
6. The main hydraulic components are selected from world-class manufacturers, greatly improving the reliability and safety of product performance;
7. The circuit design is scientific and reasonable, the failure rate is low, and it is easy to maintain;
8. The crawler adopts steel crawler with external rubber plate, which can not only bear high load, but also meet the requirements of walking on different roads;
9. Push-pull adopts rack and pinion structure: high efficiency, long life, stable work and convenient maintenance.


整机质量 Rig Weight 13000 kg 外形尺寸 Dimension(L*W*H) 7300*2250*2270(mm)
最大推拉力 Max. Push&Pull Force 430/860 kN 最大扭矩 Max. Torque 19000 N·m
最高推拉速度 Max. Push&Pull Speed 53 m/min 最高回转速度 Max. Rotation Speed 185 r/min
发动机功率 Engine Power 179 kW 泥浆泵最大流量 Max. Mud Pump Flow 450 L/min
履带行走速度 Caterpillar Walking Speed 3-5(km/h) 泥浆泵最大压力 Max. Mud Pump Pressure 8 Mpa
入土角度 Entry Drill Angle 12°-25° 最大爬坡度 Max. Climbing Gradient 18°
最大回扩孔径 Max. Aperture Diameter ø1350mm(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended) 最大施工距离 Max. Crossing length 650m(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended)