GD1600-L/LS HDD Machine


1. The machine is equipped with Cummins turbocharged engine, which is characterized with strong power, and stable performance, oil consumption being 20% lower than other engine.
2. It is equipped with imported electric proportional motor, which contains simple gear transmission structure, reliable performance, and push-pull infinitely variable speed. The push-pull force can reach 1700KN, top rank in working efficiency.
3. It is equipped with imported electric proportional motor, and the rotation is infinitely variable speed, which improves working efficiency greatly.
4. The machine adopts Korea Jesung excavator double speed motor, whose max. walking speed can reach 6km/h
5. Low clamping center protects the drill rod effectively, and takes up small construction space. Front and back clamps are separated, and the clamping can change block according to drill rod specification.
6. The machine is equipped with φ127×6000mm drill pipe. Floating spindle can further protect the drill pipe thread.
7. Four bar luffing mechanism is adopted, with big angle (0°-18°), low gravity center, and good stability.
8. Wire-control ensures the safety of rig and people during walking.
9. Fully open mechanical hand makes drill rod slip automatically, and there is no need to unload drill rod with people, saving labor charges.
10. Enlarged cab can be lifted up and down, with warm/cool AC.
11. Liquid crystal man and rig exchange system can monitor rig condition at any time, which can adjust rig work, making operation simpler and more comfortable.
12. There are two operation systems, automatic operation system and manual operation system. In automatic operation condition, it can adjust rig parameter on time according to soil condition to protect the rig.
13. With double power system, you can choose single engine or dual engine to work according to the project requirement, saving oil charge.

整机质量 Rig Weight 29000 kg 外形尺寸 Dimension(L*W*H) 11000*2450*3100(mm)
最大推拉力 Max. Push&Pull Force 1700 kN 最大扭矩 Max. Torque 78000 N·m
最高推拉速度 Max. Push&Pull Speed 37 m/min 最高回转速度 Max. Rotation Speed 95 r/min
发动机功率 Engine Power 2*194/2*239 kW 泥浆泵最大流量 Max. Mud Pump Flow 自选 外置                Optional Extra Mud Pump
履带行走速度 Caterpillar Walking Speed 3-6(km/h) 泥浆泵最大压力 Max. Mud Pump Pressure 自选 外置                Optional Extra Mud Pump
入土角度 Entry Drill Angle 8°-22° 最大爬坡度 Max. Climbing Gradient 20°
最大回扩孔径 Max. Aperture Diameter ø1500mm(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended) 最大施工距离 Max. Crossing length 1500m(根据地质状况)         (Soil Depended)